X5tar's Daydream

Hello world 👋





This is Xing Han, but in the cyberspace, I go by X5tar.

I’m currently immersed in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity, maybe as a researcher.

I navigate the intricate cyber realm, with keen interests in system and software security, exploring both its luminous innovations and shadowy recesses.

I was a proud member of CNSS, where I dove deep into the world of CTF and crossed paths with a bunch of fascinating peers.

Here is a little nook where I jot down my thoughts and experiences, and most of musings will be penned in Chinese.

So if you’ve stumbled upon this page as an English reader, or if you just want to get a real-world glimpse of who I am, please check out my academic page for more information. (P.S. Please keep an eye on the domain name — I’m quite fond of it!)